When you get really excited about how pretty your new pattern format is… all of a sudden you have to vamp up your favorite older patterns so that they too can experience the new look.  I have been spending loads of time doing this lately (and maybe not enough time knitting, oops).   This is the first of several re-releases coming at you and joining the Kate Oates design line. Here is the new Gramps, one of my most popular designs ever.

This particular update has been planned for a little bit as I wanted to show off Gramps with an alternate look; a new sample and new pictures were required.  The other minor tweaks that followed just happened naturally during the process and I think just make the design even better.  I credit Veronika for almost all of these suggestions, you are a treasure Ve! She is also deserving of the yarn and photography credit AND she produced the gorgeous human who is modeling; you’ll probably recognize Jasmine from other patterns (Blush, Big Sister) and of course lots of YOTH patterns as well.

You’re looking at YOTH Yarns Daughter in a calming cream colorway called Natural Vanilla. This yarn has such great texture for cables. I’m working on something totally new with it as well and it has made me decide to cast on my VERY OWN GRAMPS as my Rhinebeck Sweater, after the new-new one is finished of course (no pressure). Did you know I hardly have any sweaters in my closet because they get knit up and then go on tour?  It is sad! But this way you get to see them in your yarn shops and at shows, like Stitches Texas which is where ReGramps is headed in just a couple of weeks.

Notes on the updates: I adjusted the size labels because I think they were a bit confusing. They matched how my original model wore her sweater (which was pretty fitted) but it is more standard to include a few inches of positive ease for a sweater of this style. For example, the smallest size is now labeled as XXS instead of XS and so on. While the Finished Chest measurements are still your guide to what size you want to knit, I just wanted to mention this change to stem potential confusion. The other size adjustment was in the upper arm where I added just a tad more ease.

The only real design change is in the collar which is now a little bit more luscious and cozy because it is deeper and along with that, the buttonband is a bit wider.  These tweaks make me happy all the way around and they will keep you warmer, too.

Lastly, I went ahead and adjusted the gauge on the pattern to reflect the new yarn choice in the featured pattern sample. It was very close to the original gauge but as you probaby know, even a slight gauge adjustment can change how a sweater fits and also how much yarn you need for your project!  I don’t want to be responsible for that!

I hope you fall in love with Gramps all over again just like I did.  You can get this pattern for 50% off with the code KATEOATES for the first 24 hours through the Pop Up Shop. If you already have this pattern in your library either on my website or Ravelry you should already have access to the new version.  I would love to hear your thoughts on the new look so leave me a comment! Also, comment to tell me which of my adult patterns you would most like to see updated and added to the line.  One lucky commenter will win a copy of next week’s pattern release.


32 thoughts on “ReGramps

  1. Abby says:

    Lovely! I’d like to see big sister updated next. Incidentally, I have one languishing on the needles now as I work on other projects 😜.

  2. Gayle says:

    Congratulations! The website and both of these designs are just fabulous. I have been waiting for years for just the right long cabled ‘coat’ … and here you are. And with YOTH … a complete win for me. Can’t wait for the next one.

  3. Gayle says:

    Oh and another thought … this may not be appropriate for the ‘thread’ here, so perhaps no ‘posting’ ….. but IF there is a version that can travel with Ve to Stitches West I’d highly recommend it. Her booth here is a crazy house and she has her West Coast groupies (I wouldn’t of course know anything about that!) and I think it would give you some great exposure out here in No Cal. Again, congrats on the great work. xoxox

  4. Carol says:

    I really like the relaxed look of this sweater and appreciate your increased ease in upper arms. Love the cable look. I have the pattern already but thought it may have been too fitted for my body type so this fits the bill!

    • KO says:

      I hear you Carol! I will be knitting an oversized version just like this for myself very soon, I can’t wait. So cozy and I think it looks great on everyone.

  5. Diana Scrimshaw says:

    Just gorgeous! I knitted one for a wee boy a few years ago. I taught with his father, and had worked with his mum before she stopped work to have the baby. When I gave it to the dad, he said he wanted one in his size – so I came in with my tape measure and some wool from my stash. He approved, and I came back with the Gramps once it was finished. I put some old leather buttons on both of them, which worked well with the tweedy wool.

    I keep thinking that I should knit myself one…

  6. LESLIE says:

    I like the use of YOTH in the updated version, although I loved the close fit of the original. Thank you for including how you updated the sizing so I can still get the close fit with the new version. I would love to see you update the Dixie Lace Sweater.

    • KO says:

      Oh!!! You can still totally knit a snug version 🙂 Just choose the size closest to your actual chest measurement. This was just an opportunity to show it styled a lolittle differently but you can absolutely achieve the original look without modification.

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